Remix 010
Remix 010
Remix 010
Remix 010

Dom Sebastian

Remix 010

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Remixed short sleeve v-neck football shirt. Featuring and unreleased high contrast print with cross body seam. 

100% cotton rayon blend. 

Limited edition 1-of-1, each piece comes with original tag attached. 


Size Dimensions 

Size Chart (cm)

Centre Back Length 59
Chest 74
Bottom Hem 74
Sleeve Length  59.9
Cuff Length 18.5
Shoulder Width 38.2


Please note whilst care and consideration was taken in the production of these garments small faults such as print defects, accurate sizing, and branding placement cannot be guarenteed. Given the nature of this REMIX collection each piece will be unique and therefor it will be expected that some garments will have an 'un-done' or 'raw' quality to them. We at Dom Sebastian consider these pieces to be 'in-house samples' and should be viewed in quality as such. 

Remix 010